Welcome to the Professional Boxing Organization India (PBOI) website

Professional Boxing Organization India was established in 2012 and got recognized in the year 2014 with the ultimate goal of promoting the globe’s second most played sport i.e. BOXING in India. To delve deeper, PBOI is affiliated to WORLD BOXING COUNCIL (WBC) which is unequivocally the most favored federation of the World and one of the major organizations which sanctions professional boxing bouts. Vividly, in the last four years PBOI has recognized myriad of historical boxing events with multitude of legendary fighters: 1 Boxing League, 4 International and 8 National Fights respectively. The events included one AIBA Pro Boxing (APB) bout which was an Olympic qualifying bout. Our one of the star boxer VIKAS YADAV was an active participant in these events and long-established his chance for Olympic qualification in Venezuela. Last year, our three professional boxers got a chance for Olympic qualification which was definitely a sense of pride for all. In these tough times when the globe is battling the COVID-19 pandemic, PBOI has started online motivations and has become the first federation to do so in India. Moreover, PBOI believes not only in establishing vision but also leading by example in an all-round manner. As we are all reeling in these unprecedented circumstances, I hope all the boxers and everybody in PBOI and state federations will come together and continue contributing to the larger interests and development of Indian boxing.